Salt Free Diet

Everything You Need To Know About A Salt Free Diet

Salt makes food tasty, and it is simply necessary for normal functioning of the body.  However, the use of excessive quantity leads to various diseases. Hypertension, edema,obesity, constipation – these problems may lie in wait for lovers, too salty food. Will help to improve the health of meals by a special system. Salt free diet is a diet without salt or with very minimal use. Compliance with the principles of this system leads to a rapid loss of extra pounds.  If you need help with a diet try a custom meal planner!

The Essence Of The Salt Free Diet

The absolute prohibition on the use of salt necessary in the treatment of some chronic diseases. In strict salt-free diet completely eliminates the addition of sodium chloride in food. The body gets the necessary rate of salt meat, bread, vegetables and other natural products that contain a small amount of this seasoning.  Slimming fit and less strict low-salt diet. There may be a minimal use of salt with food. But still have to completely abandon the following products:

  • picklessalt free diet what to avoid
  • pickled vegetables
  • fast foods
  • nuts
  • chips
  • sausage
  • smoked meats
  • nourishing broth
  • fatty meat
  • dried fish
  • dried fish

At first it is not easy to diet, but eventually a person gets used to the diet and discovering new natural taste of food. To outwit your body accustomed to salty food, foods with herbs, chopped onion, garlic. Use more natural spices and fresh herbs. Salt must be added to cooked food to ½ tsp. per day. At observance of this diet weight loss occurs as a result of the withdrawal by the body of excess fluid. The excess water out, and the volume of the body decreases.

The benefits and harms of a diet

Excess of salt causes high blood pressure, slow metabolism and weight gain. Online Nutritionists and doctors recommend to follow a strict salt free diet for therapeutic purposes in heart failure, oedema. Normalization of the internal organs, cleansing the body, reducing body mass is a significant advantages of food without salt. Salt free diet is not recommended in high heat and heavy physical exertion. These factors increase the loss of salt by the body, and this increases the risk of dehydration. For humans deficiency of sodium chlorine is not less harmful than an excess. Insufficient amount of this substance often leads to muscle cramps, dizziness, impaired immunity, and increases the risk of cancer. Externally, the lack of salt in the body is expressed in a poor condition of nails, hair, skin.

Description salt free Japanese diet weight loss

Recently popular to lose weight without salt in Japanese. The essence of the diet is that all meals are prepared and eaten without added sodium chloride. To eat the best food, steamed or boiled. (Slow cooker will speed up and facilitate the cooking process.) The duration of the Japanese diet is 2 weeks. At this time, a strict ban on salt and sugar. Diet Japanese technique helps the body to lose up to 7-10 pounds overweight for 2 weeks. The basis of the diet during the observance of this diet will be protein products.


Eating without salt, you will be able to increase the rate of metabolism, causing rapid weight loss. Menu Japanese diet includes the following products: lean fish and lean meat, dairy products, beans, eggs, berries, green vegetables, tea, coffee. But sweets, pastries, spicy and sour dishes, cereals (buckwheat, rice, millet), sugar, sweet fruits, spices, alcoholic beverages are not allowed to consume. The table below shows the salt free menus for 13 day Japanese diet.


Often people don’t dare to lose weight using salt free diet, because I don’t know how to prepare tasty food without the usual use of sodium chloride. But there are many ways to make delicious food unsalted. For example, in the food we put different spices and/or fresh herbs. Try it during your diet with minimum salt content to prepare tasty dishes by following recipes. They will reveal new tastes known natural products.

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