3 Rules for Healthy Living


Fitness diet thing — I’ll never know. Whenever the end of the day I feel squeezed like a lemon, and to crash on the couch at home. First I went to the doctors. Passed a bunch of tests, and no avail. It appeared that in all respects I am healthy, and my state like simpler. Went to the doctors on. Came to acupuncture and imaging of the brain. And all to no avail. But my problem, in the end, decided a nutritionist of my own fitness club. Turns out I just never ate right! Did not follow 3 Golden rules for healthy living.


We’ve all been there: the morning is not desirable; the day is so crazy at work. To reach the restaurant well,

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no way; after work – gym. And this is a sure way to gluttony: when we finally get home, to stop yourself at the table impossible. Yes, the tradition at us such – the bulk of daily calories in the evening received. Just due to the fact that their daily rate we absorbed not gradually, as it were, one large serving, we for 40 years they have become fatter than. This diet gradually upsets the hormonal secretion. And the fourth top ten completely reconfigured it to the side of the hormones that promote fat storage. I still have to forty far, but from this system, I am already hurt. List the symptoms that are likely familiar to you.

Here’s the first: mood swings. It turns out, the mood is directly dependent on muscle tone. And the tone – from the blood sugar level. Immediately after eating he takes off, and then slowly drops and after 3-4 hours is minimal. Accordingly, the mood sharply worsens. Suddenly everything starts to irritate. If not eat, it will be worse. Nakata sleepiness. And sleeping on the job is impossible. Will have to fight. This is a new and unnerving inconvenience. Second: in the club come completely broken.

Look at the online nutritionist with their dull eye and think: what have I got of this torture?! Third: the attacks are brutal cravings for sweets. Do remember, if there is a long time, then pulls not at useful buckwheat porridge, and sweet low-fat cake. Natykaetsya sweet, and then feel sorry for me – how could I? In fact, you should eat often, but gradually. Such a diet reduces the secretion of hormones, storing fat for future use, to a bare minimum. In addition, the blood sugar level does not jump, the mood is calm and steady.

What’s a lot? Every 2.5 – 3 hours. If not, then, at least, one-third of calories ( ideally half of it), eat BEFORE you sit down to dinner. More specifically, in the first eight hours after waking up.



I realized my mistake: protein-I ate, but NOT IN the quantities and AT the wrong time. It turned out that the norm for fitness is a is about 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If this rule is not followed, the muscles will be no more. To grow, they need fertilizing. But that’s not all. Protein can have kg, but he will not go in your favor if the muscles will not get the “building material” in time. To determine the “x hours” just. So, if you are in the morning, eat at least half of daily norm of protein in the evening. If you train in the afternoon, at least, half of the protein must be obtained in the morning. Now you go to the gym in the evenings, then you need to get that protein and during lunch, and immediately after training. If you do not follow this rule, it’ll be very bad: your body will start to eat itself. Yes, it’s true! The minimum protein that you ingest will go to emergency repair tired muscles. But still need protein blood, hormonal system, your hair, nails, skin!

Need at all! And then the body begins to break down protein internal tissues. The first to go under the knife muscle. As a thing that is useful for life is the last in the series. Muscles shrink, shrink, lose strength. But protein is still not enough. Hair becomes brittle, dull, nails crumble, the skin loses its elasticity, fades. Dramatically reduces the secretion of hormones because to make them not anything else. Decreased libido, headache, unstable blood pressure… Sometimes we hear: started to do fitness and feel bad.

True! Protein is something you are missing! Someone will object me: “Protein is meat, fish, chicken. To a cook, need all day in the kitchen!” But you buy protein powder. Dilute with water or skim milk whole daily requirement of protein and take this cocktail to work. And drink strictly by the hour. No hassle! And you can buy a protein bar in the manner of chocolates. Throw in the bag 3-4 things, and you provided the protein for the whole day!  If you’re looking to lose weight check out the best weight loss proteins.


Now we come to the last of the Rules for Healthy Living.  You may think a little dehydration is okay, but the Water and Weight Lossfact is that even the smallest loss of water in the body ( at least 2% of body weight! ) has had a devastating impact on our health. And you know why? Our body, just like a nuclear reactor that runs on water! No water, no chemical reactions, no energy. That’s the formula of life! Little drink? Then the growth of sports results is nothing to count. However, to help this trouble just. Wherever you go, even to work, at least in the movies, even the boutiques, grab a bottle of water. Don’t like to drink water empty?  Read more on why water and weight loss go hand-in-hand.

Then give it a taste and add the juice of a lime or lemon, if using sachets of herbal tea. the Check whether you are drinking enough water. Stand on the scale before and after training, and then compare both indicators. If “post-workout” the weight will be very different from your usual ( more than 500g ), then the drink trouble. It seems that the daily rate of 3 – 3.5 liters you do not perform. ( By the way, to make up losses, you have time to drink water exactly two times more ). But that’s not all. During exercise, you lose not only fluid but carbohydrates. So take it a rule not to quench their thirst with water and carbohydrate sports drink – if you are training intensively and for longer hours. ( A carbohydrate, not a mineral! ). If you have a swig of this drink thirty minutes after the start of classes, it would replenish the glucose and will help you with honor to hold out until the end of the workout. And on the way home from the club eat some fruit: an additional portion of carbohydrates will be very useful. ( The best option – the big Apple! )

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