Setting Health Goals & Losing Weight Goals

I was 34 last year (yes I know I keep telling everyone) and I am in the best shape of my life. I have more energy now than I had when I was 18. My body was better equipped at 18 but I certainly feel a lot better than I did then. I find it funny therefore that we accept the fact that as we grow older, we have to just “slowly waste away”.  Setting realistic health goals & losing weight goals will help wind back your body’s internal clock.

There are some classic excuses flying about age, “I am overweight because I am forty” or “That is just what happens when you get on a bit” From a mindset point of view, a lot of people convince themselves that healthy eating and exercise has to completely stop when we reach a certain age. The only time age provides a barrier is when we “think” it does.

First Step to Setting Health Goals

The first stage of breaking the age rules is to set realistic health goals. If you ran a 5km in 20 minutes at 25, you may not to be able to do it at 55 but if you have no medical conditions then why not use gradual progression to build back up to this level? If I put masking tape over the speed on a treadmill, do you think you would adjust to the speed no matter old you were? I reckon you would! (I would try this with clients if they would let me) If you make a decision in your mind that you can’t run a 5km in 20 minutes anymore then you probably won’t. I am not saying that you should risk injury but if a 101 year old can run the London marathon

If you are “getting on a bit” then your body is naturally slowing down, you do need to be careful but I certainly wouldn’t write yourself off when it comes to exercise. If you starting an custom workout plan, go and visit your GP and if the Dr says it’s ok, then crack on!

You really want to be a position where you enter your later years with a strong heart so physical activity is vital to longer life. The more you train, the stronger you get and the stronger your heart gets. Keeping the blood pumping and the arteries clear will make a huge difference in later life. I love it when I see seventy year olds jogging because they are breaking free of the conditioning that society imposes on us to take it “easy” as we age. Let your body be your guide, if you can deal with physically then it’s potentially a mental issue!

“Losing Weight Goals & Health Goals Should Be Obtainable!”

This is true at any age folks. I was fat at eight years old and fat at twenty five years old. If you eat too much and don’t exercise then you will get fat. This comes back down to acceptance again, if you reside yourself to getting fatter as you get older, you will engage in the habits that speed this process up. You can eat healthy at six or sixty it is your choice.  Online nutritionist can help you create meal plans that’ll actually work!

The added kick in the pants is that when you get older your body slows down, this means your metabolism slows. This means that the body ability to transport sugars slows and this potentially leaves too much glucose in the blood stream if we eat a high sugar diet. This can cause insulin resistance and “age onset” type 2 diabetes. What tends to happen in the mind though is that age is blamed for diabetes and not the over consumption of sugar. Simply put, the more sugar you eat, the greater risk of diabetes. Notice I say “risk” here, eating tons of sugar does not guarantee diabetes just as eating healthy and exercising doesn’t top you having a heart attack but I would rather give myself a fighting chance. The moral of this story is to eat less sugar particularly if you are getting on in years.

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