Blood Sugar Log – How is your Blood Sugar?

How Is Your Blood Sugar?  Try Using A Blood Sugar Log

Do you know what your blood sugar is right now? Have you had you blood checked
lately?  Are you using a blood sugar log?  Diabetes and its counterpart low-blood sugar are getting more and more common in western countries.  Many processed foods have sugar added for taste.
Also, weight issues are a problem. Being aware of your sugar count in your blood
is an important practice.

You should be aware of your blood count, especially if you have diabetes and/or  low
blood sugar in your family tree.  It’s always a good idea to keep a blood sugar log. If a relative has had type 1 diabetes from youth or if a parent developed type 2 diabetes thru poor health and poor eating, be concerned.

Blood Sugar Log - How is your Blood SugarPerhaps you have felt the effects of low blood sugar at various periods of  your life.
You start to feel weak and shaky. Then you should eat some protein quick and that will

Get your blood sugar checked 2 times a year if possible. Perhaps a local grocery store
would offer this service. It only takes a minute and won’t cost much ($50?). The “sweet spot”  is a reading of 70-110. If you keep track of your blood sugar, then you can catch it before it gets out of control. If you count gets around 400 or so, you could go into a diabetic
coma.  A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Normalize Your Blood Sugar With Dieting

Eating good food and getting plenty of exercise will keep diabetes out of your life.  If you quit
eating sugar, that should be a major help in keeping your weight under control.  When you begin to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, also try using a blood sugar log to see your progress.  Being overweight
is courting high blood sugar, do your best to keep your weight down!  Healthy supplements can
be a benefit also.

Both high and low blood sugar are diabetic-like symptoms and indicate that the pancreas
is stressed—not good. Do whatever necessary to keep a healthy blood count. Whether it
is exercise, a vegetarian diet or reducing sugar intake, do something positive.


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